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QA Consulting services help unlock software quality constraints and achieve Quality Characteristics that can scale up our customers’ business.

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Are you trying to improve or set up new Quality Engineering solutions for your teams? We can help!

QA Constraints that we can solve together

Challenging Quality

The QA consulting method designed by Brain, performs analysis and defines action plans for QA fields. This method performs evaluation and verification of Quality Engineering practices of our customers through a process of 4 stages where is applied a set of QA success factors grouped by categories.

Our Cooperation Cycle

To assess the current customer situation, Brain follows the following defined collaboration gates:

Get feedback about the present, and be prepared to deliver with higher quality patterns in the future.

Through our cooperation model, we perform Consulting strategic analysis considering abilities, inefficiencies, improvements, and impediments.

How you can benefit
from our QA services

Product Quality Characteristics and risks under control

Structured and organized QA teams

Quality Control in production environments

Accurate and visible test reporting

Fitting Test Tools Selection

Test Approaches and methodologies applied with global test practices recognized by international certifications and QA Communities

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