ISTQB® Certified Tester
Foundation Level (CTFL) V4

Enhance your software testing with the ISTQB-CTFL course, driving digital
transformation and efficiency in technological processes.

June 18th to July 4th

21 hours



The ISTQB-CTFL V4 certification course has a strategic pedagogical program that contributes to digital transformation and improvement of technology processes within an organization. The ISTQB-CTFL training helps professionals obtain a comprehensive understanding of software testing principles and practices. This knowledge is vital in an era of digital transformation, where technological advancements are rapid and complex, and software quality is a mandatory requirement for its success.

Participation in the ISTQB-CTFL V4 training and obtaining the certification results in more efficient testing processes. Course participants gain skills that enable them to reduce the time and cost of software development cycles by focusing on project and product risk management as well as identifying software defects and providing support in their correction.

Professionals attending this course are also prepared with the necessary fundamentals to identify vulnerabilities and mitigate risks through specific and rigorous testing

ISTQB® Certified Tester
Foundation Level (CTFL) V4


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1.1 What is Software Testing

1.2 Importance of Software Testing

1.3 The Seven Principles of Testing

1.4 Testing Processes

1.5 Psychology of Testing

2.1 Software Development Models

2.2 Testing Levels

2.3 Types of Testing

2.4 Test Maintenance

3.1 Types of Static Testing

3.2 Differences Between Static and Dynamic Testing

4.1 Categories of Testing Techniques

4.2 Black-Box Testing Techniques

4.3 White-Box Testing Techniques

4.4 Experience-Based Testing Techniques

5.1 Organization of Testing

5.2 Test Planning and Estimation

5.3 Monitoring and Controlling Testing

5.4 Configuration Management

5.5 Risk-Based Testing Strategy

5.6 Defect Management

6.1 Classification of Testing Tools

6.2 Effective Use of Testing Tools


Teresa Fernandes
QA and Trainer Certified PSTQB

Teresa Fernandes, a Quality Assurance professional since completing her Master’s in 2014, excels in implementing testing solutions for international clients. As a consultant, she coordinates Quality Assurance teams, defines strategies, and oversees Findmore’s software quality unit, demonstrating a seamless fusion of academic expertise and practical experience.

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