Achieving Compliance in the Food Industry: The Importance of Strong Software Quality Strategies

Discover how we helped a public institution develop a web system that would aid them in complying with new transparency regulations in the food industry.

Transparency regulations are becoming increasingly important in the food industry as consumers want to know more about the production and sourcing of their food. To follow these regulations, companies in the food industry must have good software systems that can track and report on their operations accurately.


The Project and Its Challenges

Recently, we helped a public institution develop a web system that would help them comply with these new transparency regulations. It was clear from the beginning that the success of this project would depend on the quality of the final product.

To ensure the system was reliable and met all the requirements, we used a strong test strategy that included both manual and automated testing. We also found parts of the system that would be good for automated testing and worked with the development team to test these parts automatically using Java, TestNG, Selenium, and Serenity BDD.

One challenge we faced was testing how the web system worked with third-party services.


How we solved?

We made a set of test cases just for these integrations and talked closely with the third-party providers to make sure their services met our standards.

We did regular testing cycles throughout the agile development process to find and fix defects early. By testing thoroughly from the start of the project, we were able to find and fix defects early and before they happened in production. This saved the company money and improved the user experience.


In the end, the web system was very successful. It not only helped the company comply with new regulations but also improved its operations and customer satisfaction. We are proud to have played a key role in the project’s success and will continue to use the best software testing practices to meet the changing needs of any industry.

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